Trek-Tech TrekPod II Monopod And Tripod

Trek-Tech TrekPod II Monopod And TripodThis fantastic accessory gives you a variety of functions in the one unit. Being able to set up in both tripod and monopod formats allows a greater range of use than the standard options available.

It has universal functionality allowing you to use this with almost any video or still camera on the market and it’ll provide you with swivel and tilt movements that are necessary for most users.

Trek-Tech TrekPod II Tripod

It has an added safety attachment to allow you greater peace of mind when using the device so you can rest assured your expensive equipment won’t be going anywhere you don’t want it to.

It is easy to transport and breaks apart when needed so you can fit it anywhere and you are not restricted to storing it in spaces large enough to fit the entire length of the tripod. It is lightweight and this makes it extremely portable, and ideal for nature photography or filming in multiple locations.

Because it attaches to your camera magnetically you have a much wider range of possible connections and you can even use it with binoculars or similar if you so choose.

It’ll support anything that can attach to the system – but make sure you use its safety option to protect both your equipment and the monopod. The spotting scope tripod reviews really easy to clean off at the end of a long day.

You will love using this as both a tripod and monopod just like I do.

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