Top Selling Snorkel Mask Review

Top Selling Snorkel Mask ReviewSnorkeling offers a similar breathtaking experience that you get from diving, but without needing to take a deep plunge into the water. You can still view beautiful coral reefs off the coast, tropical fish, and entire underwater ecosystems without the need for a diving tank. However, to have a great snorkeling experience, you need a great snorkel mask. If you find yourself looking for a full-face model, be sure to check out these best full face snorkel masks.

X-Lounger GoPro Full Face 180° Snorkel Mask

This model does not have an internal breath tube, but it is foldable. This means you can easily tuck it away until the next time you snorkel, without worrying about losing it.

The dual-vent air system, paired with the breathing tube, work excellently to block water. There is a ball inside the snorkel that prevents water from getting inside once submerged. As you exit the water, the ball moves to allow air to flow into the mask again.


The straps and skirting of this snorkel mask has been designed with comfort in mind. The straps are made of a soft elastic material. Unlike other straps, these will not get stuck in your hair. Additionally, a silica gel skirt lets the mask conform to your face, but in a comfortable, airtight way.


The view offered by this snorkel mask is made unique by the lens. In addition to a dual-flow air vent system, the mask is unlikely to fog up. If it does, however, there is an anti-fog coating on the lens.

The lens is also flat, rather than being rounded. This means you get the whole 180-degree view, instead of a bubbled version. Finally, a frosted edge prevents scratching that limits your line of vision.

The many features of the lens are great. If you have a long or large nose bridge, however, you should note that the flat-style can leave your nose feeling a little squashed inside the mask.

The GoPro

This mask makes using a GoPro camera easy. It attaches to the upper part of the mask with a mount. The mount is detachable, which is great because you might not want to carry around extra bulk when you do not have your GoPro camera with you. It also means that you can easily disconnect while snorkeling to quickly catch something on camera.

Other Features

Something that snorkelers with sensitive ears will appreciate is the included ear plugs. These are removable so you do not have to wear them, but they are conveniently attached to the mask if you need to keep the water out.

There is also a drain valve included. If water does happen to get in your snorkel mask, you will not need to remove it before diving down again. Instead, use the drain valve to conveniently empty the mask.

Finally, there is a convenient carrying bag to keep your mask secure. Inside, you will also find anti-fog inserts by GoPro, as another measure to cut down on fog.

Use Caution When Purchasing

The major downside of this best snorkel mask reviews is that there are numerous third-party companies who mimic and sell this product. Though the full-face snorkel mask looks the same in both cases, it is not the same quality. Buy from an authorized seller to prevent many of the problems consumers have reported with this mask.

Fortunately, if you do have doubts, the selling company (X-Lounger) has included a guide that shows the difference between their authentic mask and frauds.

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