Live Me Hack Apk

Live Me Hack ApkThis sounds clear yet this is the manner by which most clients get coins.

At the point when a watcher sends you a blessing, it gives you precious stones.

You can money those precious stones out for cash or convert them back to coins.

Live Me Hack Apk

The conversion scale for precious stones to coins is about half. UPDATE: Live me app has changed the trade procedure. You can never again change over precious stones legitimately to coins. Presently, jewels earned in your communicate consequently include of a money balance in your record. You can utilize that money equalization to BUY more coins ($1 least).

Broadcasting is the best free approach to get coins. Concoct some innovative communicate thoughts and begin. Related Article: 33 Creative Live Broadcast Ideas

UPDATE: Participate in LiveMe Competitions and Events

There is actually ALWAYS a type of occasion, giveaway, or rivalry occurring on LiveMe. During these occasions, there are frequently coin prizes for taking an interest… as a telecaster OR AS A VIEWER!

For instance, during Cinco De Mayo, there was a challenge for getting taco endowments. After a specific measure of endowments was sent, there was a programmed coin drop! Watchers in this communicate got free coins! These kinds of occasions happen continually on LiveMe.

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