What to Look When Getting a Spotting Telescopes

Out of all the SPOTTING TELESCOPES on the market which will be the right one for you? Do you know what you will use it for?

Spotting TeleScope ReviewsSpotting telescopes are portable scopes used for bird watching and wildlife observation, marksmanship and target shooting and a host of other natural and sporting applications.

Spotting telescopes are designed to be easily transported and convenient to use without being cumbersome or unwieldy.

With a spotting telescope you get great magnification and resolving ability at a good price.

A good spotting scope will have

  • A large objective lens which will produce a clear, bright, upright image for your detailed observation.
  • High lens diameter for maximum light gathering and resolution (recommended 60mm minimum diameter). Bigger is better – bigger lens means more light!
  • An accompanying tripod which is necessary for stabilization and comfortable work.

How you look through the scope will factor into the type you buy. How the eyepiece fits onto the body of the scope will classify it as either:

  • Angled scope – the eyepiece is at 45 degrees top the body of the scope. This is useful for observing higher objects and targets as you will be more comfortable as you move the scope to compensate.
  • Straight scope – the eyepiece is directly in line with the body of the scope. Useful for lower horizon work, low flying targets and so on.

Both are fine however for most uses and it really boils down to personal preference and how you like to sit, move and observe your environment.

Spotting TeleScope Reviews

The best spotting scopes reviews will go beyond what a pair of binoculars will do. You will be able to distinguish finer details at greater distance and range with a scope than you would with a pair of binoculars. Although primarily designed for terrestrial or earth bound targets, these scopes can be used for some astronomical purposes and study as they have tremendous light gathering properties.

Here are some examples of use, do you want to see birds at a greater distance?

Check whether your bullets, arrows or other projectiles hit their targets without you having to move? Or do you have another target you would like to track. This type of scope makes for an excellent surveillance tool.

The specifications of spotting telescopes depend on the make and brand:

  • Hard wearing rubber outer covering or “armor” for protection
  • High density glass (HD), low dispersion glass (ED), or with a fluoride coating.
  • Multi-adjustable tripod accessory
  • Carrying case comes either as hard or soft.
  • Complete waterproofing for use in rainy external conditions, damp or high-moisture content atmospheres.
  • Multi-range Eyepiece zoom.
  • Site tube for quick targeting.

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