What to Look When Getting a Spotting Telescopes

Out of all the SPOTTING TELESCOPES on the market which will be the right one for you? Do you know what you will use it for?

Spotting TeleScope ReviewsSpotting telescopes are portable scopes used for bird watching and wildlife observation, marksmanship and target shooting and a host of other natural and sporting applications.

Spotting telescopes are designed to be easily transported and convenient to use without being cumbersome or unwieldy.

With a spotting telescope you get great magnification and resolving ability at a good price.

A good spotting scope will have

  • A large objective lens which will produce a clear, bright, upright image for your detailed observation.
  • High lens diameter for maximum light gathering and resolution (recommended 60mm minimum diameter). Bigger is better – bigger lens means more light!
  • An accompanying tripod which is necessary for stabilization and comfortable work.

How you look through the scope will factor into the type you buy. How the eyepiece fits onto the body of the scope will classify it as either:

  • Angled scope – the eyepiece is at 45 degrees top the body of the scope. This is useful for observing higher objects and targets as you will be more comfortable as you move the scope to compensate.
  • Straight scope – the eyepiece is directly in line with the body of the scope. Useful for lower horizon work, low flying targets and so on.

Both are fine however for most uses and it really boils down to personal preference and how you like to sit, move and observe your environment.

Spotting TeleScope Reviews

The best spotting scopes reviews will go beyond what a pair of binoculars will do. You will be able to distinguish finer details at greater distance and range with a scope than you would with a pair of binoculars. Although primarily designed for terrestrial or earth bound targets, these scopes can be used for some astronomical purposes and study as they have tremendous light gathering properties.

Here are some examples of use, do you want to see birds at a greater distance?

Check whether your bullets, arrows or other projectiles hit their targets without you having to move? Or do you have another target you would like to track. This type of scope makes for an excellent surveillance tool.

The specifications of spotting telescopes depend on the make and brand:

  • Hard wearing rubber outer covering or “armor” for protection
  • High density glass (HD), low dispersion glass (ED), or with a fluoride coating.
  • Multi-adjustable tripod accessory
  • Carrying case comes either as hard or soft.
  • Complete waterproofing for use in rainy external conditions, damp or high-moisture content atmospheres.
  • Multi-range Eyepiece zoom.
  • Site tube for quick targeting.

Trek-Tech TrekPod II Monopod And Tripod

Trek-Tech TrekPod II Monopod And TripodThis fantastic accessory gives you a variety of functions in the one unit. Being able to set up in both tripod and monopod formats allows a greater range of use than the standard options available.

It has universal functionality allowing you to use this with almost any video or still camera on the market and it’ll provide you with swivel and tilt movements that are necessary for most users.

Trek-Tech TrekPod II Tripod

It has an added safety attachment to allow you greater peace of mind when using the device so you can rest assured your expensive equipment won’t be going anywhere you don’t want it to.

It is easy to transport and breaks apart when needed so you can fit it anywhere and you are not restricted to storing it in spaces large enough to fit the entire length of the tripod. It is lightweight and this makes it extremely portable, and ideal for nature photography or filming in multiple locations.

Because it attaches to your camera magnetically you have a much wider range of possible connections and you can even use it with binoculars or similar if you so choose.

It’ll support anything that can attach to the system – but make sure you use its safety option to protect both your equipment and the monopod. The spotting scope tripod reviews really easy to clean off at the end of a long day.

You will love using this as both a tripod and monopod just like I do.

Live Me Hack Apk

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Top Selling Snorkel Mask Review

Top Selling Snorkel Mask ReviewSnorkeling offers a similar breathtaking experience that you get from diving, but without needing to take a deep plunge into the water. You can still view beautiful coral reefs off the coast, tropical fish, and entire underwater ecosystems without the need for a diving tank. However, to have a great snorkeling experience, you need a great snorkel mask. If you find yourself looking for a full-face model, be sure to check out these best full face snorkel masks.

X-Lounger GoPro Full Face 180° Snorkel Mask

This model does not have an internal breath tube, but it is foldable. This means you can easily tuck it away until the next time you snorkel, without worrying about losing it.

The dual-vent air system, paired with the breathing tube, work excellently to block water. There is a ball inside the snorkel that prevents water from getting inside once submerged. As you exit the water, the ball moves to allow air to flow into the mask again.


The straps and skirting of this snorkel mask has been designed with comfort in mind. The straps are made of a soft elastic material. Unlike other straps, these will not get stuck in your hair. Additionally, a silica gel skirt lets the mask conform to your face, but in a comfortable, airtight way.


The view offered by this snorkel mask is made unique by the lens. In addition to a dual-flow air vent system, the mask is unlikely to fog up. If it does, however, there is an anti-fog coating on the lens.

The lens is also flat, rather than being rounded. This means you get the whole 180-degree view, instead of a bubbled version. Finally, a frosted edge prevents scratching that limits your line of vision.

The many features of the lens are great. If you have a long or large nose bridge, however, you should note that the flat-style can leave your nose feeling a little squashed inside the mask.

The GoPro

This mask makes using a GoPro camera easy. It attaches to the upper part of the mask with a mount. The mount is detachable, which is great because you might not want to carry around extra bulk when you do not have your GoPro camera with you. It also means that you can easily disconnect while snorkeling to quickly catch something on camera.

Other Features

Something that snorkelers with sensitive ears will appreciate is the included ear plugs. These are removable so you do not have to wear them, but they are conveniently attached to the mask if you need to keep the water out.

There is also a drain valve included. If water does happen to get in your snorkel mask, you will not need to remove it before diving down again. Instead, use the drain valve to conveniently empty the mask.

Finally, there is a convenient carrying bag to keep your mask secure. Inside, you will also find anti-fog inserts by GoPro, as another measure to cut down on fog.

Use Caution When Purchasing

The major downside of this best snorkel mask reviews is that there are numerous third-party companies who mimic and sell this product. Though the full-face snorkel mask looks the same in both cases, it is not the same quality. Buy from an authorized seller to prevent many of the problems consumers have reported with this mask.

Fortunately, if you do have doubts, the selling company (X-Lounger) has included a guide that shows the difference between their authentic mask and frauds.

Dog protection with Petsafe invisible fence

Petsafe invisible fenceAn Petsafe invisible fence is a system that provides pet owners the security that their loved pooches and cats are moving freely within a specified area or zone. Originally designed for RVs, it has since become the most practical substitution for the buried wired fence types. With its functional features, the fence became preferred items of households with pets.

Dog protection with Petsafe invisible fence

Also called the instant fence, it has been upgraded from just a single level receiver collar to adjustable types. The newer version can suit bigger dogs and has materials suited to larger sizes and strength of animals. More so, it can also be reduced to fit much smaller pets to contain different sizes and age of dogs and cats.

The receiver collar called PIF-275 is the sole Petsafe invisible fence pieces that could not be swapped with other systems under the brand. Pets with this type always hear signals and when they inch closer to the zone, the collar loses the signal. At this point, your pet is trained through two-contact points stimulation acting on the neck area.

The Petsafe Premium Wireless Fence

A much simpler and yet effective control and training system for your pet, it has a transmitter that sends signals up to half an acre to the receiver located on your pet’s collar. The Petsafe Premium Wireless Fence is preferred by many consumers as it is proven practical in handling playful pets, which most domesticated animals are.

With this product, you dog can freely run and exercise, play and explore a certain zone. Once they get close to the areas where they are not supposed to be, warning beeps sound off from their collar. If your pet persists toward the direction, they would experience a mild static that would register as warnings for them to return to the safe zone.

The Petsafe Invisible Fence

For those who have more than one pet at home, then a Petsafe invisible fence system will work best for you. This particular pet collar functions effectively even if you have another pooch and keep them all safe among other pets.

This water-proof system for pet safety comes with a collar and batteries, two short probes for pooches with short hair and long probes for the furrier, hairier ones. It weighs only 2 and ˝ ounces so your dog wouldn’t be annoyed with the weight. With its three-leveled electric correction, the collar proves to be helpful for training dogs, and it emits a single beep mode that gives your pet enough time to cease barking before the electric correction sets in.

It works only with Petsafe wireless fence system and works well with multiple pets with receiver collars on their necks.

The Petsafe PRF-304W Deluxe In-Ground Radio Fence

The most advanced in –ground dog fence in the market, it has the four-level deluxe ultra light receiver that gives your pet the increasing correction once it gets close or runs through specified safe zones. It also comes with wire and flags that will be some great help in training your dogs, and helping them get familiar with safe zones and the areas where they are not suppose to tread.

The correction mechanism applied to your pet can be increased or decreased, depending on what levels of discipline and training your house pooch requires. It also has a low-battery indicator to keep you informed when to charge.

Among its protective features are emissions of false signals and heavier alarms and correction when worse weather hits your area. It comes with a simple manual and VCD, boundary wire at 500 feet length, and 50 boundary flaps as well.

The Petsafe RF-3004-W

The wire and flag accessory partners of this Petsafe product are perfect when you have recently moved in to a house with bigger back or front yard. It’s also the most suitable choice for pet owners who added another pet and desires more space, or if your ever-playful pet clearly wants more room to run around and play on.

With the wire and flag accessory kit, you can widen the area for your dogs to enjoy. It also fits best areas with small and big area radio fence systems as this kit is suited for expansion. Along with this product are 50 boundary flags to facilitate easier training of your pet, 2 nuts and wire running to 500 feet in length that suits over 1/3 of one acre.

The accessory kit already covers your containment area, and if your area is even larger, you could simple but another kit.

Petsafe best wireless dog fences has become the replacement of underground fences due to the easiness. This invisible fence allows you to control your pet by not allowing it to go out of the restricted areas. You can get petsafe invisible fence according to the size of your pet. The dog collar has a transmitter that gives warning signal to the dog when he approaches the restricted areas and even if he goes forward will be given a small static urging it to go back. The biggest advantage of petsafe invisible fence is that it is almost escape proof. Even if your pet dog leaves the confined space irrespective of the mild static, he will be getting mild statics at certain intervals until he returns back to your area.

Sausage Stuffer Reviews

best sausage stuffer

Making sausages at home is not that hard when you have the rite Sausage Stuffer. Below is my guide of to sausage stuffer and recommendations of the best sausage makes on the market rite now.

Sausage Stuffer Reviews

A good sausage is really just a mixture of ground meat, fat, salt, pepper, other spices, herbs, onions, peppers or other diced foods. Have you ground your own hamburger meat? If so, making homemade sausage is just a few easy steps before grinding the meat.

The best sausage balances the ratio of meat, fat and spices. Store bought sausage can contain up to 50% fat, however, you can reduce the fat amount to 25% to 35%, if desired, and still produce great tasting sausage. Sausage fat below 20% is not recommended as a certain amount of fat is needed to impart good flavor and help bind the meat links together.

Equipment Needed

  • A meat grinder.
  • If desired, a sausage stuffer and sausage casings. You do not have to use a sausage stuffer if making patties, however if making links, a sausage stuffer aids in producing well formed, tight links.
  • Sharp knives
  • Large bowls
  • Sausage Preparation

Put your meat in the freezer for up to 1-2 hours to get the meat very cold. Sausage is typically made with pork meat, but lamb, beef or wild game can also be used.
Cut your meat and fat into 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch slices. Put the slices into a bowl surrounded with ice to keep the meat cold.
After cutting all the meat, mix the meat, fat and your desired spices together.
Put the meat mixture back in the freezer for up to 30 minutes.
Grind the meat mixture in your meat grinder. Use a medium to coarse grinding plate.
If making sausage patties, form the ground meat into the patties and refrigerate before use.
If making links, place a casing onto the sausage stuffer’s tube. Leave a tail of at least 6 inches off the end of the tube for tying off later. Let the sausage come out of the sausage stuffer in one long coil, you will make the actual links after you have extruded all of the meat.
Make the links. With two hands, pinch off what will become two links and tightly spin the casing at both ends. Work the links until they are pretty tight.
Tie off the excess 6 inches of casing that you previously allowed for. Refrigerate the links until you are ready to cook and eat.

Please post your reviews on the best sausage stuffer you have used and also a video of you using the machine.